There aren’t many European capital cities known for having a better nightlife than Paris. The city of love is a hot destination for sweethearts and Parisian honeymooners wanting to stare into each other’s eyes over fine cheeses and a glass of red. But the streets are not just for those love birds; the local nightlife caters to everyone and anyone. Read on to discover the best aspects of the city by night.

The Best Things to Do in Paris at Night

#1: Parisian Restaurants

Paris is known for fine dining, so it would be a crime to visit and not spend one evening dining at a French restaurant. They won’t chop off your head if you don’t, but it would still be a crime.

Aside from the scores of fancy restaurants, non-locals should go for an apéro, the equivalent of the Italian aperitif. This is a social occasion where bars put on light nibbles and snacks for groups and washed down with some fine wine.

#2: Casinos

A game of French roulette is always on the cards when in Paris. The birthplace of roulette is also fantastic when enjoying other casino games, from slots to poker and much more. The must-visit casinos in the capital include Club Montmartre, Club Circus Paris, and Club Barrière Paris. The latter consists of a fantastic restaurant so you can tick off two must-dos in one evening.

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#3: Traditional Cabaret

Not everything in the French capital is silver cutlery and sophisticated décor. You can discover a wilder and louder side of Paris by attending a traditional cabaret night. You could check out the world-famous Moulin Rouge, but don’t sweat it if you miss out on those tickets. There are plenty of other traditional cabaret evenings inclusive of food and drinks dotted around the city.

#4: Snap the Eiffel Tower

When you think of Paris, the Eifel Tower is probably the first thing that comes to mind. You don’t need to climb it to enjoy it. Instead, head to Place du Trocadéro and get a good viewing spot just before the hour. On every hour, the tower will light up and twinkle for five minutes, giving you plenty of opportunities to capture the perfect Instagram snap. The last lights are either 1 am or 2 am.

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#5: Enjoy a Jazz Night

If you want to experience a sophisticated but lively night of jazz, there’s no better place to go than Le Duc des Lombards Jazz Club. This stunning venue attracts some of the best international jazz players, making it a night of fine wine and fine music. On Fridays and Saturdays, the club has a jazz jamming night with no entrance fee. Get there early to make sure you get a table with a good view. 

#6: Special Events

Special events like cabaret evenings are not in short supply. You could also attend a Louvre by night event and take in some culture and art in one of the most famous galleries in the world after the sunsets. Follow it up with a moonlight stroll along the Seine banks.

Or if you’re feeling brave, why not take a tour of the Catacombs by night. The underground labyrinth of tunnels beneath Paris’s streets is waiting for you as long as you’re brave enough!

When is The Best Time to Visit Paris for its Nightlife?

The city is a fantastic destination throughout the year. But if you want to go when the evenings are warmer, and you get to wear beautiful summer dresses, you should book your trip between June and September. However, if you want to avoid the tourist season and the bigger crowds and lines, try going in the off-season. Paris is just as beautiful in the snow!

What Should I Wear in Paris at Night?

Paris is a fashion epicenter, and you can expect to see locals wearing the finest brands and beautiful clothes all year around. You will see many people wearing casual business clothing and more relaxed outfits on the weekend. If you’re a tourist, though, you may want to wear comfortable footwear as you zig-zag around the city. 

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When is the Cheapest Month to go to Paris?

Activates and events tend to be cheaper in February because this is the middle of the off-season, and all of the Christmas and New Year eve trippers have come and gone. If you have a special someone whose birthday is in late European winter, you can impress them and spend less on the trip. 

How Many Days do You Need in Paris?

If you want to truly experience Paris and all its gems, you should plan a trip for at least three nights, but ideally, you should want to speak a full week leisurely experiencing the Parisian lifestyle. Most people who travel for just a weekend head to the airport wishing they were staying longer. Because of all the excellent activities and events on an evening, three nights should be the minimum for a memorable adventure. 

Is Paris Dangerous at Night?

It is no more or less dangerous than other big European capital cities. You may need to watch out for petty criminals and pickpockets, but the city is relatively safe. You can easily enjoy a trip to Paris and not witness any crime, but you should always be on your guard for street scammers. 

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