In Paris, like many French cities, and many big cities in the world, there is a tipping culture you should be familiar with before traveling. But knowing the perfect time to tip can be confusing. To make things easier, tipping in France is done on the level of service received.

No rule, written or not, describes how much to give away as a tip. You determine what you leave in the final bill. However, it is advisable to tip with cash and not with a credit card. So, How Much Should You Tip in France? Let’s take a look.

Here Is Some Tipping Advice For Your Trip to Paris and France:

Facts about tipping in France

In 2008, the French government put in place a law that allows most cafes and restaurants to add a service charge to the bill. This means tips are taxed too. Referred to in the country as Service compris, a restaurant is expected to add about 15% to the bill. But while it applies to restaurants mostly, for obvious reasons, it can be added in other cases.

The Service compris often covers vacations, health benefits, and any retirement benefits for its workers. In addition, waitresses and waiters are often paid a fixed income and do not necessarily depend on tips from customers.

In the case that you are paying the service charge, it will appear on the bill. So, this law sort of discourages extra tipping. But if you were impressed by the service received, it will be kind to leave something extra for the waitress/waiter as a simple appreciation. If the service is inadequate, then tipping becomes optional. It would certainly not be termed rude if you do not leave any tip.

The French system is interesting because the service charge is factored already into the menu. Therefore, you usually would not get an added amount when you get the bill. Note that while the law in 2008 clearly states that every server must receive this rate, not all service charges are given out to waitresses/waiters. So to ensure your server gets a tip, you will have to give them the added with the bill.

Tipping Advice For Restaurants at Paris And France

Must you tip every time?

Tipping waiters/waitresses is a polite gesture, but bills in the country include a service charge, and any additional charge will be discretionary. Staff members usually do not depend on tips as in places like the U.S., for example. But if you tip for exceptional service, they will appreciate it, and it is even nice if you tell them one-on-on.

In many restaurants, the tips are shared among teams. When eating out, leaving behind a small change is standard, as it goes to everyone involved. So, you decide if you want to tip or not.

Tipping for having something small?

In bars and brasseries, there are often tip jars if the establishment does not expect to be tipped. But if you had a really wonderful time there, you are allowed to leave behind a small change. You can actually tip for anything.

Tour guides, cabs, hotel porters and concierges, who shouldn’t be tipped in France or Paris? 

In France, especially Paris, tipping is customary. Hotel porters often enjoy this when satisfied guests leave the lodge. And as you might imagine, the hotel porters and concierges, for example, expect something small for their efforts. Cab drivers are on a rate all of the time, but for farther trips, you can request that the total of the journey be calculated. Tour guides, too, can receive tips as there are no laws preventing them.

Tipping in Cafes and restaurants 

It is not rare to leave a tip if you are having lunch in a restaurant or café. You can leave 50 cents for the server when leaving. If it’s a dinner you are having and you receive a good service, then it will be great to give the server a few euros; 1 to 2 will be enough.

And in the case that you are really impressed by the quality of service, you can leave around 5-10 percent. In France, the act of tipping is more of a gesture than an obligation. Therefore, if you receive exemplary service, then it is super cool to leave a big tip to show how much you appreciate it.

Tipping in France hotels 

Like the rest of the continent, it is not usual or compulsory to tip the maid or porter. However, in both cases, it is a friendly gesture to give them for their service. A lot of these workers make hardly enough for themselves in their respective works, and if they have impressed you with their outstanding service, then you can tip them. A euro for the porter is not too small, and a little more than that for the maid is not be a bad idea.

Tipping In Paris, France Hotels

Tipping in French bars

As a general rule, no tipping is required if you sit at the bar for drinks. Usually, clubs and bars will be preoccupied with attending to people so they would not be chanced to accept a tip or attempt the gesture. But if you want to tip one of them, it would not be turned down.

Tipping etiquette in France: Ushers

When you visit an established entertainment venue or Opera House, it is expected of you to tip the usher or usherette. Around 50 cents is the average for letting you know where your seat is. Even though these workers receive a full salary now in the country, it is quite still small, and tips will be appreciated.

Tipping cloakroom staff

While in France, you may be attending a show, a classical concert, a disco or a music hall. To some of these establishments, there will be a cloakroom where you can leave their bag and coat. In this case, it is not rare to tip the staff at the cloakroom about 1 euro for a big item.

Tipping tour guides

A brilliant independent guide tour should be appreciated by been tipped. This will be a good idea if you have taken part in a free tour of the city. It is also not uncommon for visitors to tip guides who receive salaries in galleries and museums if one feels they were outstanding and helpful.

Should I Tip In Paris, France

Tipping In Paris And France – Summary

We take it that you now understand the tipping etiquette in France. You can jet in whenever you want with this knowledge and start exploring the country like a local. If you are still doubting how to be the nicest tourist around, just tip. You will win hearts.

This was out tipping advice for your vacation in Paris and France in general. Do you have a different opinion on How Much Should You Tip in France? Let us know in the comments below.

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