The city of Nice is on the French Riviera and is a popular destination among tourists who fancy a nice time in southern France. Its cracking view on the promenade des Anglais along with its popular waterfront, should not be missed upon visit. Nice is a great city, the second-largest in the country and famous for its natural beauty, but is it really safe?

For every traveler going to a place for the first time, the issue of safety ranks high among others. Having recorded a spate of terror attacks a few years ago, security has been beefed up immensely across the port city. The presence of French soldiers in public spaces has allayed fears among tourists. They can shop when they want and meander across the streets as they want to enjoy the city’s warmth.

 Shortly after the terror onslaught, tourism in Nice changed greatly. It went from crammed streets to emptiness. This was unfortunate, especially in peak tourism seasons. However, the city is quite safer, and security is now top priority like never before. It has continued to attract millions of visitors every year, and it is responsible for about 40% of the French Riviera’s tourist flow.

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Here Are What you Should Know About Safety in Nice:

General Safety

The overall risk in the city of Nice is low. It is a safe place with a low rate of violent crime, but similar to other big cities, visitors need to be extra careful in some areas. Security personnel has a heavy presence in the city center to quell any type of unrest. As long as you are in Nice, be watchful, observe your environment, and keep your belongings safe. Sometimes, tourists lose their properties to their own carelessness and not to thieves.

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Transport and Taxi Risk

Considering the increase in pickpocket reports targeting tourists on buses, holidaymakers should be aware that boarding trains at late hours can be risky. In addition, you should avoid car rentals, if it is not necessary, since car thefts are being reported. Driving around the city should also be avoided since parking is not easy. Therefore, transport and taxi risk level are medium.

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Pickpockets and Taxi Risk

The likelihood of falling victim to pickpockets is medium. One would reason that since Nice is a big thriving city, these characters would operate, mostly targeting unsuspecting visitors. The risk is medium. Pickpockets operate on public transport sometimes when a place is rowdy. Some might attempt to rob pedestrians on motorcycles or by approaching a stopped car and grabbing items through an open window. Ensure that your items are close to you at all times.

Natural Disasters

The risk of natural disaster occurrence is quite low in Nice. The city is regarded as safe in terms of natural hazards. Few floods and avalanche are a possibility, but they hardly happen. Disasters that occur naturally can be a big threat to tourism for a city or country. That is why you should stay ahead on the news tabloids and weather reports. But if you are planning a visit to Nice, you would not need to spend too much time on that as the environmental risk is low.

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Mugging Risk

The commendable thing about the city is that violent crimes do not happen frequently. The city’s attitude to safety is top-notch, and there is zero-tolerance for armed violence. There are more than 1000 surveillance cameras around the city. Tourists can feel safe and freely explore the city without losing sleep about their safety. Therefore, the risk of mugging is low.

Terrorism Risk

Like all European cities, Nice is under high terrorism threat. Threats by Islamist terrorist groups can be frequent, and the government has warned to be extra careful in public spaces. Many explosions have been recorded in the past before now. Still, the terrorism risk level is medium.

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Scams In Nice

Like every other place of touristy relevance, scams are not uncommon in Nice. Groups of teenagers or middle-aged persons might attempt to distract visitors and grab their wallet or purse. That is why it is always a good idea to not front the idea that you are new or tourist when you travel. Try to conceal anything that could easily tell people that you are not native to the place.

For example, a camera most time screams, “I’m a new ” so try to hide it in some areas. When you do, those who prey on visitors would not suspect. In the city, beach grab is said to be the most common scam. Therefore, ensure you do not leave your items unattended, and if you could, place your wallet under your head during sunbathing.

Car grab is another issue you should watch out for. When you rent a car, see that the doors are locked from the inside. Then be careful of where you pack. Some areas are dangerous to leave vehicles as there is no security watch. In general, the scam risk level is medium.

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Is Nice Safe For Women?

The city is a brilliant place and not difficult to explore with impressive cycling or walking lanes along the Promenade, which enamors many female travelers. Often, they have no problems but will hardly feel safe staying close to the train stations or Port at night. It is recommended that women take care of their stuff and stay watchful at all times. Women travelers’ risk level is low in Nice.

Wealthy Eligible Bachelor Scams

There is a myth that in Nice, there are lots of eligible bachelors looking for love. Some local con artists are playing this part to deceive impressionable travelers and take advantage of them. Though the ratio of women to men is high, women should not believe that these types of men are genuinely up for grabs in their drove. Of a truth, the possibility of finding a rich man to take care of you in the city is vanishing small, except you are into sex work.

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Safety in Nice

Though it is still recovering from terror attacks suffered years ago, Nice is generally safe. The city has invested immensely to block pedestrian areas to car traffic, and they have beefed up security at many major spots. This can be frustrating for both locals and tourists, but it is for their safety. They will pass through security gates or open their bag to some random security personnel at checkpoints. Beggars and street people can be much, and a place like Place Garibaldi can attract drunken brawls, which can be frightening.

For many years, the strikingly attractive city of Nice has attracted both holidaymakers and those seeking inspiration. You should know that Nice is not more dangerous than any other big city in France, and as touching tourism, it can be regarded as the safest.

So far you do not appear like a tourist by carrying cameras or holding maps or just conversing too loud in a language other than French, you should be alright. You will not bring attention to yourself.

Is Nice Safe? – Summary

Mind the activities of purse-snatchers and pickpockets, be discerning, and you will enjoy every minute you spend in this friendly and safe city. Feel the many charming qualities about the place, and you would fall in love all over again.