Part of what makes Paris a great place to visit is its dynamic nature. That is why there is no single way to enjoy the city best. Visitors can enjoy the city from several means and angles possible, with each one offering a distinct experience that is hard to forget. One of the ways to explore the city is from the sky courtesy of the popular FlyView Paris service.

Picture yourself having the ability to fly and experience Paris with a bird-eye view. Not everyone has had this unique feel of the city, so you should add it to your next Paris itinerary. The service helps visitors fly over the city and its iconic monuments in virtual reality, equipped with genuine flight sensations.

They have the chance to fly over Paris’ Eiffel Tower, the Seine River, the Arc de Triomphe, and many other popular destinations from an angle you could only imagine…until this moment. The company is located at 30, rue du 4 Septembre, 75002 Paris 2èm, France.

On the FlyView website, you can see that Paris is not the only place to see from the virtual reality scope. Visitors can also fly over the 7 wonders of the world, among other options. This is what the company calls ‘the Incredible Fly over Paris’ option.

Furthermore, FlyView Paris’ premium pack option is the most exclusive. It allows participants to save about 25% on ‘the incredible flight’ and it costs about 25 euros. Popular places on tour include the Eiffel Towe, Notre Dame, L’Arc de Triomphe, Place de la Concorde, Champs Elysees, Les Bassin du Trocadero, the Louvre Museum, Le Grand Palais, and the Seine River.

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Here Are Some Things You Should Know About FlyView Paris

FlyView Technology

FlyView Paris makes use of modern and sophisticated technological tools for its most premium services. This guarantees quality and the best of fun as much as today’s tech can afford. The flyover service makes use of virtual reality to project a visual space inside a headset worn by a participant or viewers. The viewer then becomes absorbed in that space or world. This can be perfectly described as “immersive reality” since viewers are immersed in a space of authentic and real images of the French capital. Each participant can look in 360 degrees in all directions- right, left, up, or down- looking like they were there in reality.

FlyView Paris Reviews


Like many funfair activities in Paris, you should make a reservation before visiting. In FlyView Paris, space is quite limited, so if you do not book on time, getting an available slot might be difficult at your preferred time. Tickets can be reserved on the official website. There is also a ticket counter at the premises but be prepared to stand in queues if you intend to use this option.

Age Limit

FlyView Paris sure looks like what many children will find spectacularly thrilling. But the minimum height of entry is 4 feet (1.20 m) tall. If you plan to take your kids there, you must accompany them- especially the ones below 2 years of age- throughout the visit.


The FlyView Paris has about two launch sections dedicated to activities. Each of them has about 25 jetpacks. Viewers can enjoy the experience by themselves as an individual, a family, a couple, or with friends.

The Hidden Side of Paris

This is the company’s most popular pack or option. It offers a fantastic journey to discover a different way to certain spots in Paris, often closed to the public as if viewers were physically there. This is done by a 360 degrees immersion program. Led by Angèle, the company’s virtual guide, viewers will learn the strangest and scintillating stories about the monuments and spots visited. These involve what the popular ‘Colonne de la Bastille’ conceals and many other things in Paris. A visit to FlyView Paris is an amazing chance to unearth what is beyond the city’s behind-the-scenes, and interesting angles of the city.

Viewers will also have the incredible opportunity to discover the Eiffel Tower’s underground machinery room. What is more, there is easy access to the biggest canopy in Europe (the Grand Palais’), the chance to mount the Saint-Chapelle’s spire, a stroll on Montmartre roofs, and the many secret halls of the Pantheon begging to be explored.

FlyView Paris

History of FlyView Paris 

In 2014, the FlyView Paris project was launched after many years of planning. The company brought together a group of experts from the necessary fields to help materialize the dream of exploring the most beautiful city uniquely.

The idea has always been to usher users into the designed experience, bring together different tech components, and picture the world the company desired to showcase. In the later stages of the project, financial supporters came on board, and funds were made available.

As at the time, FlyView Paris’ idea was still budding in the technology world. The company gets going, however, for its desire to create something that defies gravity and sees the world like a bird. The passion was there all along to invent a nouveau way to visit ravishingly stunning places and make it accessible to everyone. This can be considered a revolutionary move as it brings people closer to their environment and helps them appreciate the world.

Many tour operators in Paris help people be a part of the FlyView experience. Here Is One:

Get Your Guide – FlyView Experience 

This tour helps visitors to see the French capital from a birds-eye perspective. It is a 15-minute virtual reality experience courtesy of FlyView. It also features a trip across the world to discover its many wonders and specialties from a different view. Instructions are available in French, Chinese, and English.

Participants will be able to fly over the Eiffel Tower, the Seine River, and explore the Champs-Elysees and other significant monuments in Paris. It feels real, and it is exactly like flying through the air with the help of a VR headset.

After this thrilling trip over the capital, participants can spend about 5 minutes to choose the World Bonus Option. Do not forget to add this bonus when booking. This offering will allow participants to fly over about 7 spots around the world in 360 views to see the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, the Great Wall of China, Lake Baikal in Russian, etc.

The tour will give you an activity ticket and souvenir pictures that will be sent to your mail. The meeting point depends on the option booked. Meanwhile, pets are not allowed on tour.

FlyView Paris Review – Summary

There are different articles on how to do Paris best. In fact, travelers often debate how to explore and enjoy the City of Light even though it is a subjective matter. The city is attractive like that! FlyView offers one of the best and absorbing way to see Paris, and it is virtual. After you have tried this experience, it might be difficult to agree that there is a better way to see the city.

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